News 2014

28.12.2014 As this year is soon over, it's time to spend a few minutes to look back to 2014. For me, personally, it was a year of big changes, but in a positive way.

This year was also a year of litters. Never in my life I've had three litters in a same year. Gosh, that was tough. I'm getting too old for those sleepless nights making sure everything's OK with the little ones. But these were decisions that were made based on what's best for the bitches - they were in "now or never" -age. Jade's four babies are still in the litterbox. Jade's main career (in addition to being our couch potato) in blood tracking means I did not want puppies in her best tracking season. Anyway, I got some really nice puppies and some really, really nice homes for them. Hopefully they'll be seen in show rings already next year. The future and homes for Jade's puppies hasn't been decided yet. They're still a bit too young to be evaluated.

What happened in the show rings in 2014? During the first half of the year I made some longer trips. March - Riga, Latvia, LvW-14 - Triscuit's granddaughter Fabelsfee High Five Statesman was the star of the weekend with BOB, Group 3rd and BOS. Only a few weeks later back to Tallinn to Tallinn Winner show with Ecco (S. Suddenly It's Spring), Sunny (S. Sunny Side Of Heaven) and Brando (Very Vigie I'm What I'm). All three got theír titles!!! In May we headed to Moletai, Lithuania. That was a crazy trip to remember, also with good results from the shows. The best news was that Sunny got two more CACIBs and finished C.I.B. as well as BaltW-14 title. In June, I spent a weekend in Estonia with kids, grandma and a bit of dogshow as well. In July, with friends on the road again, this time to North Sweden. Got two new Swedish champions, Ringo and Sunny, Ringo also Group 2nd, and more CACIBs.

The long show trips are always quite sleepless, contain a lot of driving and grooming - and more grooming. Still, in good company, they are the spice of life. Looking forward to our trips in 2015 Niina, Laura, Päivi, Nora and Heli. Already planning...

Yes, I did go to some shows in Finland, too. New championship titles for Ringo and Ecco, both with BOBs and also a Group 2nd for Ringo. CC's with BOBs for Brando, Very Vigie I'm What I'm, who just turned one in the beginning of the year. CC's also for Jade's young daughters Salsa (S. In Your Dreams) and Peppi (S. Dreams R Free). BTW Peppi also did pretty well in Baltian shows, gaining two junior championship titles along the way. Our veteran boy, the black diamond, Adam (Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams) made a new comeback after his 10th birthday... he had a tremendous year. Four BIS-veteran placements including our main specialty BIS-1-veteran and Club Show BIS-1-veteran, World Veteran Winner, Helsinki Veteran Winner and Finnish Veteran Winner. Still as happy and joyful as in his younger years, he now retires after his beautiful show career.

There would be many photos but had to choose a few... from left Sunny, Unni's puppies and Adam.

See you in 2015!!! Thank you guys for being part of my life this year - I know it's not always easy...

14.12.2014 Jade got puppies a few days ago. Three boys and one girl, all are very light silver or silverbuff. More info on puppypage.

7.12.2014 Double winner shows in Helsinki: Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner. I had entered only our grand old man, Adam, to veteran class. On Saturday I also had a pleasure to show a beautiful junior bred and owned by my dear friend Päivi Honkapää. "Wilson", Adunaic Wayfarer's Wings, is out of C.I.B. Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven sired by Ch Charles Dickens These Serene Days, so actually he is made of my two dogs. Wilson won the junior class in tough competition, got HeJW-14 title and ended up as Best Male 3rd getting CC as well. Wilson's grandsire Adam showed his heart out like a youngster and was BOB-veteran bith days, gaining two more Winner titles to his credit.

Above: HeJW-14 Adunaic Wayfarer's Wings, below: HeVW-14, VW-14 Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams. Grandson & Grandpa.

13.11.2014 Kevin, Serene Superman Returns, has moved to his own home with Cicci Sörhuus, Sweden. Good luck Kevin & Cicci, I hope you will have fun together.

9.11.2014 Jyväskylä Int show, that is our home show. Ringo went best male -4 and Salsa best female -2 with CAC and reserve-CACIB.

2.11.2014 Buff / silverbuff puppies expected in December (wk 50).

25.10.2014 An all breed show in Seinäjoki. Breed specialist Annaliisa Heikkinen was judging the breed. I showed Adam, Brando, Ringo and Salsa. Adam's happy appearance in the ring brought tears in judge's eyes as she had liked Adam when he was young, as well. Adam was once again BOB-veteran with CQ. Brando (Very Vigie I'm What I'm) went 2nd best male in tough competition and got res-CC. Ringo was 3rd in champion class with CQ. Salsa (Serene In Your Dreams) was 2nd best female with CC. Happy!! Sorry, no pics from the day.

12.10.2014 Annual Club Show in Lahti. This year our judge was a lady with 40 years of breed experience, that is Rita L Crowe from Fanny Hill Kennels. This time I had many 2nd placements in Variety, but doesn't that mean a consistent quality? Ringo won the champion class and was 2nd in ascob males, Jade's daughter Salsa (S. In Your Dreams) was 2nd in ascob females, and Sunny also won the champion class ending up as 2nd in black females. Brando was 4th in black males, who again this year was the toughest variety. Our best result for today was Grand Old Man Adam, who showed his heart out with Sanna and went BIS-veteran and 3rd in black males! We had a nice day altogether. Also want to congratulate Sunny's son Adunaic Wayfarer's Wings bred & owned & handled by her co-owner Päivi Honkapää, who went 2nd best black male from junior class!! Well done!

left BIS-veteran, 3rd in variety Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams (photo Irina Kovalchuk), right 2nd in variety Serene In Your Dreams (photo Jaana Myllymäki)

left 2nd in variety Ch Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven, right 2nd in variety Ch Serene Bring Me The Spring (photos Jaana Myllymäki)

8.10.2014 One of these handsome boys is still available to a loving home also interested in showing. Below 9 weeks.

left Serene Superman Returns "Kevin", right Serene Sam The Superhero "Sammy". More information on puppypage.

5.10.2014 Kokkola group show. Another BOB with CC for Brando, Very Vigie I'm What I'm. Thank you judge Reia Leikola-Walden!

27.9.2014 First one of Unni's puppies has moved to a forever home. Good luck Melvin <3. Puppypage updated, pics included. One of the boys is available to a show home.

31.8.2014 Tervakoski Int show, Ch Serene Bring Me The Spring, champion class winner, bm-2 res-CACIB

23.8.2014 Wonderful news from up north! Jade's daughter Salsa has been shown by her owner Piia, and what a nice show they did! Salsa was BOB under judge Hannele Jokisilta and got her first CC! Congrats and thank you!!

Serene In Your Dreams "Salsa" Rovaniemi BOB, CAC

16.-17.8.2014 On Saturday we travelled to Raisio with Peppi, Ringo and my daughter Maija. Am. cockers were judged by Elena Adamovskaja (kennel Helada Hill's) from Russia. There were four beautiful dogs in males' champion class, and our judge seemed to have tough time putting them in order. Finally, Ringo was 2nd in class and also 2nd best male. Jade's junior daughter Peppi won her class with CQ and ended up as 3rd best female with res-CAC.

On Sunday Peppi's co-owner Heli travelled to Pori with her, and they got a nice end to this show season: Best Female, CAC and BOS. Well done!

Serene Dreams R Free 16.8. Raisio BF-3 res-CAC, 17.8. Pori BF-1 CAC, BOS

8.8.2014 Finally here - World Winner show in Helsinki! Fabulous entry (123) of american cockers, many exciting dogs to watch... I had entered Brando (intermediate class), Ringo (champion class), Adam (veteran class) and Peppi (junior class). Judging was quite strict today, classes were huge, so I am very pleased to our results. We represented with style :). Both Brando & Ringo got excellent - Ringo was shown beautifully by Pernilla Fux Lindström - thank you Pernilla <3. Peppi got very good. And what did our grand old man, Adam?? He showed his best and got a new title to his credit: World Veteran Winner 2014!!! Yippee!!

As a breeder it also made me a bit proud in female's CACIB competition.... In WDS only the class winners go to CACIB ring. There were three bitches in that competition, and two of them were Triscuit granddaughters!!! <3. So their mothers were my breeding. To add to that, last year's WW and CACIB female was a full sister to one of these! Big congrats to Lone Wandel and Tanja Elo for having bred beautiful girls!!

Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams 10,5 years, now also World Veteran Winner 2014 <3

3.8.2014 Puppy news! Our Trick litter is all spoken for but Unni just got her first litter as well. Unni got three little silverbuff boys sired by the beautiful Ch David Beckham New Emeny.

13.7.2014 Our main specialty show in beautiful Kangasala, Mrs Kari Haave judging. A nice day with good company! In junior class males I showed Jade's son S. Dream Must Go On, who got very good this time. In open class it was Brando's (Very Vigie I'm What I'm) turn, he got a class win with excellent & CQ and later also res-CAC. In champion class it was tough competition - Ringo, S. Bring Me The Spring ended up class 2nd with excellent & CQ as well as Best Male 2nd. Ringo was also chosen as "Best Head" :) and got a trophy for Best Finnish bred & owned. Our veteran Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams showed his heart out with Sanna and was BOB veteran again. He is in exceptional condition for his age, thank you Laura!! In junior females I showed Jade's daughter S. Dreams R Free "Peppi" who won her class with excellent as well. Our black champion Sunny, S. Sunny Side Of Heaven, ended up as Best Female 4th with her co-owner Päivi. Well done for us today!! Pics below by Jaana Myllymäki, thank you!

left Very Vigie I'm What I'm, right Serene Bring Me The Spring

Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams, BOB veteran

left Ch Serene Sunny Side of Heaven, right Ch Serene Bring Me The Spring, Best head & Best Finnish bred & owned

6.7.2014 This time off to Sweden, Piteå, four women and a car full of dogs. Quality time! Both Ringo and Sunny got their CCs and more than that, Ringo went BOB, got also CACIB and later Group 4th. Sunny was BOS getting another CACIB as well. Adam was BOB veteran and even shortlisted in BIS veteran ring. Thank you Niina, Päivi and Laura for all the fun!

Group 4th Ch Serene Bring Me The Spring

BOB veteran Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams

BOS Ch Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven, BOB Ch Serene Bring Me The Spring, judge Frank Christiansen, N

14.6.2014 A weekend in Estonia with kids, dogs & granny. Saturday was the showday, and the rest of time was spent in other activities. Judged by Mr Jo Schepers from Netherlands, Ringo gained CC and finished Ee Ch as well as Peppi (Serene Dreams R Free) got junior-CC and is now Ee JCh. Jaffa (Serene Spring of Life) got excellent as well.

up left Ringo (S. Bring Me The Spring), right. Peppi (S. Dreams R Free), below left Peppi, right Jaffa (S. Spring Of Life)

7.6.2014 Mänttä-Vilppula group show, thanks Nora for your help! The judge Hannele Jokisilta liked our Brando, making him BOB. Jade's son Simba (Serene Dream Must Go On) did pretty well in his first show ever and was 4th best male. His litter sister Peppi (Serene Dreams R Free) went best female, BOS and got CC as well. The star of the day was our grand old man Adam (KrisMyth Punch Adams), who went BIS-4-veteran under well respected judge Soile Bister.

left BOS Serene Dreams R Free "Peppi", right BOB Very Vigie I'm What I'm "Brando", thank you judge Hannele Jokisilta!

left Brando on the move, right Serene Dream Must Go On "Simba" best male 4th, congrats owner Aino Vehkamäki!!

left Brando, right BIS-4-vet Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams

23.-25.5.2014 Another crazy trip with some my kind of crazy ladies! Too many kilometers, to Moletai Lithuania, three CACIB shows including Baltian Winner show. We had so much fun & laugh, thank you ever so much Niina & Laura. We also got some nice results. Brando (Very Vigie I'm What I'm) 1x BOB-junior, Peppi (Serene Dreams R Free) 2x BOS-junior, Lt JCh. Leroy (Fabelsfee Simply So Smashing) had joined us and got Lt Ch title. Best of all, Sunny (Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven) got 2x CACIB, Baltian Winner 2014 title and is now also Lt Ch and C.I.B.!!! Happy!

left BOB junior on Friday Very Vigie I'm What I'm & BOS junior Serene Dreams R Free, right Ch Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven

left BOB on Friday Very Vigie Huluberlulu & BOS Ch Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven, right BaltW-14 and new C.I.B. Sunny

18.5.2014 Two weekends with Jade's (Serene Silver Dreams) performances. Last weekend Jade participated in temperament test, and was found to be an excellent dog for several activities. Quite fearless, able to work in stress, typical for her breed. She got 140 points.
Today she took part in her first tracking trial this year. She did an excellent job, only one mistake, that gave her second prize and 39 points. That was a very good start for the season!!

3.-4.5.2014 Small show tour in Finnish spring, in awful weather with snowing and freezing. After all that didn't really matter, since we had good company and good results as well. On Saturday there was a group show in Kalajoki, where I was only showing Ecco (Serene Suddenly It's Spring) under judge Jouko Leiviskä. Ecco was BOB with CC -> new Fi Ch! The sun was still shining... On Sunday it was snowing in Maalahti,where Annika Ulltveit-Moe was judging a group show. Ecco BOB again, Brando (Very Vigie I'm What I'm) bm-2 with CC. BOB veteran was our grand old man Adam (Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams) who made a comeback after almost 6 years. Thank you everyone involved!!

left Fi Ch TlnW-14 Serene Suddenly It's Spring 2xROP <3, right Ch KrisMyth Punch Adams 10y 3months <3

26.4.2014 Puppies hopefully on their way :). Ronja, mother of my "Spring" litter (Ecco, Ringo, Jaffa & Ami) has been bred to Mario, whose first puppies also look very very promising!! More info

19.4.2014 Ylistaro group show, Ringo's first show after his second birthday. He finished his championship with BOB. Ringo's sister Jaffa 2nd best female with res-CC. And then... some shopping :).

BOB Serene Bring Me The Spring, CC, Fi & Lt Ch

While I was in Ylistaro, Heli Heistman debuted as a yankee handler in Laitila with Jade's daughter Peppi, Serene Dreams R Free, who is just 13 months old. And what they did was quite amazing! Best female and BOS with CC and a wonderful criticue! This was Peppi's first show as well. Well done Heli & Peppi!! I'm happy for you. Thank you judge Irina Poletaeva!

13.4.2014 Tallinn winner, Estonia. Nora & I with yanks, Heli with her cockers. We had a fabulous trip, six dogs, all possible wins were taken. We were showing Brando, Very Vigie I'm What I'm, in junior class - he was BOB junior, TlnJW-14, also completing his EeJCh title. Ecco, Serene Suddenly It's Spring, was shown in open males, and Sunny, Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven, was shown in champion females. It was a thrill - Ecco BOB with CAC, his first CACIB, TlnW-14 and Sunny BOS with CACIB and also TlnW-14 title!!! We all were drop dead tired in finals so no success this time, but Heli took it all - her English cocker went Group 1st and BIS-4!! Wow. We HAD to have some sparkling wine and strawberry cake on the ferry...

Brand new TlnWs on the move, left Serene Suddenly It's Spring, right Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven

Left Sunny BOS (note: her pups are just 7 months old!), right Ecco BOB

22.-23.3.2014 Riga, Latvia, LvW-14 Four ladies and a carful of dogs travelled to Riga. Lot of fun & laugh, lot of grooming, some amazing results at the end. Thanxx girls Maria, Pirjo and Eveliina for the company! I was showing young Brando (Very Vigie I'm What I'm), Ecco (Serene Suddenly It's Spring) and Triscuit's granddaughter Sunniva (Fabeslfee High Five Statesman) for the weekend. On Saturday it was the Latvian Winner show. Brando got excellent and was second in his class. Ecco got very good, but the critique is in Russian so I have no idea why. Girlpower ruled again, since Sunniva saved my day and was not only classwinner with LvJW-14 title, but also BOB and later on the day even Group 3rd!
On Sunday it was another Int show. Brando exc 1 and jun-CC, and finally Best male and BOB!! Ecco was 3rd best male with res-CACIB and Sunniva again best female with jun-CC, this time BOS. We rushed to the ferry to get earlier back home, so no time for finals this time. Enjoy the pics! And thank you Tanja & Vibeke for trusting Sunniva with me. She's a Love <3.

Saturday, LvW-14: left BOS David Beckham New Emeny, right BOB Fabelsfee High Five Statesman

Sunniva on the move <3 <3 <3

Sunniva Group 3rd, congrats owners Tanja Elo & Vibeke Paulsen! Right, Brando on the move.

On Sunday, left BOB Very Vigie I'm What I'm, right BOS Fabelsfee High Five Statesman

2.3.2014 Oliver (EE JCh Charles Dickens These Serene Days) travelled to Tallinn with Terhi Korhonen. On Saturday he was not placed, but on Sunday Linda Volarikova gave our little boy BOB! This CC made him Finnish and Estonian champion (he has three CC's but they all are gained under two years of age). That was not all... later on the afternoon he WON THE GROUP under judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari and even placed BIS-4 under judge Dusan Paunovic!!! That was so great!! Big thanks to Terhi for taking Oliver with you and of course fot his co-owner Päivi for his everyday care. Once again he was in top condition! Below pictured winning the group.

18.2.2014 My friend offers for sale this handsome young boy. Morris is 5 months old, well-socialised, ready to go. His dam is my homebred Ch Serene Sunny Side Of Heaven (Adam x Saga) and sire is our Swedish import Oliver. Inquiries or +358505670956

Adunaic Wings of Time, left 4 months, right 5 months old

15.2.2014 Eye checking dogs today, with nice results.Healthy (except a few extra lashes= mild distichiasis): Serene Silver Dreams (Jade), Serene Bring Me The Spring (Ringo), Serene Superstition (Unni) and we also had with us Unni's beautiful fiance David Backham New Emeny (David) wo was clear as well. Today 10 years old, my grand old man Adam (KrisMyth Punch Adams), who was found to have a mild cataract at 8 years (mild changes in the Y suture in front capsule of the lens), was also re-checked. The changes had developed a bit, but still mild, and will never cause any harm for himself.

So I dare to announce that we've got some puppy plans. Unni will be bred to David around April.