American Cocker is an ideal breed for many activities. It is best known as a striking show dog, which it sure is, but inside the tip-top groomed silky coat there is a heart full of action and energy, ready for FUN!

Obedience is for my experience almost natural to these merry dogs who are always eager to please their owner - at least if there is any titbits available.

Agility is a lot of fun for both dogs & owners. Most dogs love speed and jumping. Some basic obedience is needed prior to training agility.

Here you see Mickey & me training.

micagi220.jpg (21295 bytes)

Tracking is a great way of enjoying the nature. You teach the dog to find a wounded animal - the dog follows the smell of blood. You train this by making a blood track of 1000-1400 m in length. The next day you come back with your dog in a long lead and let the dog find the track. Dogs just love to use their nose. They also become more self-confident and independent and they learn to concentrate.
In Finland there is a special competition for tracking dogs. Two of my dogs, "Pippuri" and her daughter "Hillevi", Serene Sabre Dance have gained championship in tracking. Also "Mickey" competes in tracking.

karimic250.jpg (33272 bytes) Small size of the dog, but it sure is fun! Cockers still haven't lost their instinct.

Here you see my husband going hunting with Mickey

The last to mention, probably not the most typical breed for this, but one of our cockers, "Miri", is starting her career in the field of search and rescue with her owner / trainer Nina Kannisto.