I got involved with American Cockers quite accidentally in 1986. I had trained and shown  English Cockers before, and I was looking for a puppy when I met Pippuri (Engl. Pepper). It was love at first sight. She totally charmed me by her great character which she had all her life. She had a stunning tracking career, finishing her tracking championship quickly at 1 years of age. She also finished her conformation title and raised three litters. I lost her after Christmas 2001 at 15 years and 9 months.

Many years and litters later I still have only a couple of dogs at home. I love the breed because of its wonderful, loving and merry character, but also because of absolute beauty of a well moving American Cocker with its coat flying about. For me the dogs are most of all pets, which does not exclude enjoying show wins and other activities.

My breeding is very limited and will always be that way. My aim is to breed happy American Cockers healthy and sound in body and mind. I plan my each litter carefully trying to avoid major risks. Until now I have bred 10 international champions, over 30 national champions plus two blood tracking champions and many others having one or two CC's in very limited showing. Health checks for the breeding stock are made regularly.

I live in a house near Jyväskylä city, in middle of Finland. My family consists of my daughters, Kaisa (born 99) and Maija (born 03) and my son Antti (born 05). And dogs, of course!

Probably partially due to my profession (I am a veterinarian), health issues are my first priorities. I just wish every cocker could have such a healthy and long life that my Pippuri had. Health issues are also very difficult when breeding dogs. Sometimes you have to be ready to give up your dreams. Honesty is not always easy. Breeders should work together to ensure the future of a healthy american cocker.

In my own breeding program I've met these challenges, faced disappointments and had to start all over again... and again. Many planned litters did not come true, mostly due to some problems in health issues of either dogs themselves or their close relatives.

It was not until 2006 I got my present foundation bitches. A good friend of mine Kristi Ahlquist had decided to quit breeding american cockers for personal reasons and she offered me a 4-year-old silver champion bitch KrisMyth Dream Performance "Triscuit". Triscuit was mated to Ch Overoak Rising Son before her arrival and whelped a beautiful litter of five in September 2006. One of the puppy girls moved to Denmark to another friend of mine, Lone Wandel. Since Lone also had an interesting litter at that time, we decided to exchange puppies. So I got a buff girl called Pointbreak Spice Of Life "Tilli" who moved to co-ownership home.

Even before that I had imported a black dog from Kristi, KrisMyth Punch Adams "Adam" (wh. -04) and from another American breeder who I appreciate a lot, Marcia Joslyn, a silverbuff dog Gazon Star O'My Dreams "Dave" (wh.-99). All these four dogs can be found in my pedigrees today. I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate these three breeder ladies, their honesty, trustworthy and devotion to the breed. To me they are so called "old school breeders" - in a good meaning.

From left; Triscuit, Tilli, Adam and Dave

Triscuit (her page in Finnish Kennel Club database) had three litters in Finland. From the first litter born 2006 a silverbuff girl went to Denmark, Serene Dance Til Sunrise "Puttemor". She became INT CH and a BIS-winner in INT show; but also a mother of six puppy girls, including a World Winner and another one winning res-CACIB in a World Winner show. Out of her six puppies three are international champions! From Triscuit's litter I placed the other girl in breeding terms, Fi Ch Serene Sunrise Saga. Saga had a litter with Adam, and from that litter I got C.I.B. S. Sunny Side Of Heaven (wh. 5/2010). I got one litter from Sunny; that litter is now 3 months old, and a black girl S. Stairway To Heaven "Armi" will stay at home.

After the litter I grew back Triscuit's coat. Due to her docked tail and our legistlation she could not compete in Finland, but I went to other countries where showing was allowed, and finished her International Championship title in summer 2008. Her last show was World show in Stockholm in July 2008 where she got excellent in huge champion class. Next winter I bred her to BIS Multi Ch Very Vigie Vamos A La Playa - at that point I had no idea that Vamos would later be staying in Finland for one year. Triscuit gave me four baby girls in March 2009. From this litter a buff S. Dream On Very Vigie "Lina" moved to Tanja Elo's Fabelsfee kennel. Lina became international champion and a mother of a successful litter. I kept at home a silverbuff girl S. Silver Dreams "Jade". Jade blew her coat after junior class and therefore no success in show rings, but we soon found out her talents in blood tracking and she finished her title in that field quite quickly. Jade had two litters. From her first litter I placed in breeding terms "Peppi", Fi Ch Ee & Lt JCh S. Dreams R Free.

Triscuit's third litter was actually a happy accident. Yes, an accidental mating :) with our Adam. Puppies were born exactly 9 weeks from the mating, on Friday 13th of November 2009. Triscuit's breeder Kristi was thrilled about the litter and in January she flew to Finland intending to bring either a B/T or black puppy back home with her. After all, she could not resist the buff baby girl - she became Am Ch Serene KrisMyth Surprise, a champion at 13 months with a natural tail. I'm proud how well she has produced for her. So I kept for future the B/T girl Fi & Ee Ch S. Superstition "Unni". The black male S. Quickshot became International Champion but is nowadays living as a pet. Unni had a litter in August 2014; three buff boys.

In addition to Triscuit, my another foundation bith is Tilli, Ch Pointbreak Spice Of Life (her page in database). Tilli has been in co-ownership since she came to Finland. She was shown mostly abroad and she gained many championship and junior championship titles and also an international championship. I had one litter out of her, in August 2009 sired by my 10-year-old import Fi Ch Gazon Star O'My Dreams "Dave". That was also Dave's last litter. From that litter I placed one in breeding terms (Fi Ch S. Summer Romance "Ronja") and kept one male at home (C.I.B. S. A Million Dreams "Mille"). Ronja has had two litters. In 2012 I had a Spring litter sired by Ch Sundust From Me To You. I kept at home a silverbuff male C.I.B. S. Bring Me The Spring "Ringo". There was only one female and I placed her in breeding terms. That is Fi Ch S. Spring Of Life "Jaffa" who just had a litter of two girls sired by Ch Forman's Is Someone Home "Homie". One of them is a keeper; she is S. Someone For Me "Livia".

In summer 2014 I leased Ronja for another litter, sired by Ch Statesman Trick Or Treat. Once again there was only one girl, S. Trick Of The Light "Eden" and she is placed for my future plans. Two brothers are handsome too and have gained CC's as well.

These lines are my foundation lines today. My goals are pretty much the same than in the beginning. Even though my breeding is very limited, I still feel it is very important to be honest with myself and this lovely breed, and to use both brains and emotions in planning and raising each litter.

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