Previous litters


Future plans


I have puppies only occasionally.  I breed a litter only if I want to keep something out of the litter myself. That means I plan every combination very carefully, study the pedigrees and try to find as much information as possible.  Every stud dog has his or her eyes, knees and hips checked before breeding. If possible I also check the close relatives. Thyroid tests are done if I suspect something or if there is a known risk in the line. I pay a lot of attention to their general health, too. If I'm not happy with a dog's health, i.e. if she has for example skin or ear problems, I don't breed her.

The correct american cocker temperament also means a lot to me. As the standard says, "above all he must be merry". Cockers should be happy, outgoing and merry dogs with no signs of timidity or aggressiveness. A typical cocker jumps towards a stranger, loves everybody and remains a puppy all his life. Therefore I pay a lot of attention to the socialization of puppies. They grow in our living room, play with our daughters, hear all the voices of daily life.

We don't have puppies at the moment. Next litters planned maybe end of year 2016.

In case you are interested in a puppy from me, feel free to contact me.

Updated 29.11.2015